• Schwitzer turbo parts

    Schwitzer turbo parts

    BorgWarner Turbo Systems provides aftermarket customers worldwide with a comprehensive range of BorgWarner, 3K and Schwitzer replacement turbochargers and spare parts.

    Their turbochargers are manufactured in line with stringent, globally acknowledged quality standards and meet the highest expectations. Their products not only prove their above-average performance, reliability and long service life in the tough tests performed by the automotive industry, but also every day on streets across the globe.

    schwitzer turbo parts

    You can find these resilient qualities both in our OEM products and in all original spare parts and Reman turbochargers. Powered by Pure Diesel Power! Cart is empty Cart is empty. View cart. My Account. Orders Compare list Wish list Track my order s Track my order s. Sign in Register. Titan 5. Borg Warner Turbos. Universal Products.

    All Products. All Products by Brand. All Products by Category. LB7 Trucks. LLY LBZ Trucks. LMM LML Trucks. LWN 2. Cruze Diesel Gas Engine Products. All Categories. Exhaust Manifolds. Steering Components. Cummins Conversion. Brake Upgrades. Differential Covers. Exterior Accessories. Interior Accessories. Electronic Performance. School Bus Parts.

    Serpentine Belts. Recreational Vehicle Products. Air Filters. Fuel Pumps. Truck Supplies. Replacement Belts.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. Turbo Parts turbine housing exhaust housing Rear Cover exhaust gas casing T3 flange T25 flange 5 bolts performance turbo parts.

    Type Turbocharger Model no. K04 Turbo. Chra for L-and R-overr3. JF S schwitzer turbo charger oem KZ turbocharger core. High Quality Turbo A 2. K blow off valve turbo turine shaft and wheel assembly. Can you produce according to the samples9 A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

    Can you accept small order9 A:Yes,we can accept trial order,it is the starting of business. What is your sample policy9 A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.

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    Turbo Charger. Al Yamamah Heavy Equipt.

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    S Turbocharger For Schwitzer 5F Maxturbo also can produce according to the part number, samples or drawings you provide. Many auto shops use our products to extend turbocharger life for their clients. China supply K16 turbo spare parts turbocharger for Atego Unimog and Bus Freightliner Commercial.

    Certification 1. What is your terms of packing9 A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

    Cheap Machinery Engine Parts turbo journal bearing. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact usThank you! Hot Sale turbo for F-ord 3. Drop shipping available 4.

    schwitzer turbo parts

    OEM availableA trial order or sample orders are accepted 5. Wheel What is our mainly business? ACasting method:. It can overcome the disadvantages of the traditional casting, and make the filling ability of the metal liquid improve significantly. AMaterial we mainly use:. Nickel-based alloy. Nickel-based alloy grade. Hastelloy X. Stainless steel. Stainless steel grade.

    B: 5-Axis Machining. The machine is widely used in blade, impeller, mould industry and other various types of mechanical processing industry of complex curved surface parts processing, it can meet many kinds of processing needs of the medium and small box body parts and space curved surface parts. C: Casting Machining.

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    We have ordinary lathe ,CNC Lathe and Wire-electrode cutting machine ,so we can the castings machining. Why Choose us as your cooperation partner? B: Enough produce capacity and promise delivery time.

    C :Better quality wax ,silica solZircon power and Mullite Sand. D : We can provide the testing report according your need by ourself. Q 1: For the casting, do you accept customized processing?

    Q2: Now your mainly export country is? A2 :Now we have build long-term cooperation relationship with AmericanIran Russia customer for blade produce. Q3: Can I only buy few sample as testing?

    Turbochargers, turbo replacement parts and repair kits

    A3: Yes ,Of course. For you buy suitable productsat the beginning you can only buy one or two sample as testing. Q4: Will you sign NDA for the any drawing we provide? A4: Yesfor protect the business secret and our cooperationit is our duty to sign NDA. Thanks for your time to read schwitzer turbocharger parts! View larger image. Hot sale in. Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Place of Origin: Shandong, China. Packaging Details carbon or wooden case to pack schwitzer turbocharger parts Port anyport,China Lead Time : days for schwitzer turbocharger parts.

    Online Customization. Product Description. Our Services.To identify your turbocharger, you must know the original part number of the turbocharger manufacturer. It is usually engraved on a plate or simply knocked out on the compressor housing.

    It is also possible to search for the original manufacturer's number OEM, OE of the vehicle in the catalog. Part Number. This is the original turbocharger number, the number that is provided directly by the turbocharger manufacturer Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI, Mitsubishi and so on.

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    OEM or shortly OE original equipment manufacturer. Both numbers are usually, but not always, present on the turbocharger. In our catalog both numbers are stored, but high priority is given to the turbo manufacturer number Part Number. We recommend that you search for a suitable turbocharger for this particular number. It is very difficult to see the number, so the area needs to be washed or cleaned with a cleaner. Each brand of the turbocharger has its own number. Here are a few examples select the manufacturer of your turbocharger.

    The Garrett turbocharger number usually contains 6 characters, starting with 4, 7 or 8, followed by a minus sign and an additional 4 digits or 4 digits with the letter S at the end, e. Also, there are shorter numbers of turbos e. In general, the principle of recognizing the number of the Garrett turbo is as it follows: three numbersand S are the same. In the search you can only use the 6 first numbers of the part number e.

    Do not look for a short number or S number. In the database of the catalog we write numbers of the formwhat is the full original Garrett part number. Most Garrett turbos are interchangeable for the first 6 numbers of the number, e. But there are strict exceptions to this principle, e. Instead of two minus signs, there can be spaces in the number or the number can be written altogether, without spaces or minuses. Pay attention to the central part of the numbers:, In the middle of the number there can be digits,and so on.

    In fact, these numbers are the same in the search. The turbo with the number is the same turbo with the number The number with the middle are used as service numbers and serve for the description of turbos that are spare parts.

    Rooms with the middle, are usually original. BorgWarner sends turbines to the motor vehicle manufacturer with these numbers.

    In the catalog database we write numbers as for instancethat is the full original part number of BorgWarner. We recommend using as the number in the middle in the search. If your turbocharger number isjust type in the search If your BorgWarner turbocharger number starts with a letter, convert the number to an digit code using this example:. BV39B is identical to BV40D is identical to BV40D is identical to BV40E is identical to BV43B is identical to K is identical to K is identical to K is identical to K is identical to KP is identical to KP is identical to KP is identical to KP39B is identical to To identify the turbocharger manufacturer IHI Turbo, you need to find a special manufacturer number.

    However, later turbines IHI thus are to recognize very difficult. The Mitsubishi or MHI turbocharger number consists of the first 5 numbers and the additional 5 numbers following the minus sign. Usually, Mitsubishi turbo numbers start with Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

    Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here.

    BorgWarner Turbo Systems is a leading supplier of innovative turbocharging systems and turbo parts. Formed when well-known turbocharger producers 3K and Schwitzer merged, BorgWarner Turbo Systems has drawn upon a long tradition of advances in turbocharging technology that dates back to Today, BorgWarner Turbo Systems continues to set new technical standards with its AirWerks turbochargers and turbo components.

    Summit Racing offers a full line of these turbo systems for gasoline and diesel applications. Shop now to give your performance a BorgWarner boost!

    What is this? Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. Turbocharger Turbine Housing, T6 Inlet, 1. Turbocharger Turbine Housing, T4 Inlet, 1. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Turbocharger Turbine Housing, T4 Inlet, 0. Low Price Guarantee.

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    We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. I am in the United States. International Customer Options.

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    Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. International delivery. United States delivery. Recent Vehicles. Refine results by: Current Vehicle Recent Vehicles. Recently Searched. Year Make DODGE Model RAM RAM Show Recent Vehicles.

    X Welcome International Customers! Results 1 - 25 of View By Product Groups.

    schwitzer turbo parts

    Multiple Images Video. Large Image Video. Large Image. View Compare 25 Records per page 50 Records per page Records per page. Sorry, you can only filter 10 selections at a time.The company TurboCentras sells and supplies turbochargers of all leading manufacturers. In our warehouses, you can meet both the new original turbochargersand obsolete turbos, taken out of production.

    Our specialists will be happy to help you find a turbocharger for your car, no matter whether it's an old Renault or a new expensive Porsche.

    The opportunity to purchase from us an alternative, fully reconditioned turbocharger will please any client with a low budget. Turbocharger turbo, turbine, turbo-compressor - is a device that increases the total power of the internal combustion engine, using the kinetic energy of exhaust gases. In fact, from a technically correct position, to call a turbocharger a turbine is technically wrong!

    Because: Turbocharger is a turbo-compressor or turbocompressor. The turbine is its HOT part of turbocharger or turbo-compressor. A turbocharger has the compressor powered by a turbine. But we will not be pedants and only briefly explain what's what…. The turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy of gas into mechanical force.

    In the turbocharger, the turbine is its HOT part, through which the flow of hot exhaust gases passes, forcing the shaft with the wheel to rotate. Compressor is a device used to inject a gas stream, in this case an air flow. In the turbocharger, the compressor is its COLD part and serves to inject airflow into the cylinders of the engine, by means of the compressor wheel, which rotates by the shaft rotating with the wheel of the turbine in the hot part.

    schwitzer turbo parts

    The exhaust gases under pressure drive the turbine wheel, which rotates the compressor wheel located on the same shaft, which, in turn, pumps air into the intake manifold of the engine. The turbocharger thus increases the pressure in the mixture of air and fuel inside the intake chamber of the engine. In the cylinders, the injected stream increases the density of the combustible charge of the mixture, which results in the combustion of more fuel and the release of a larger volume of gas moving the pistons with subsequent increase in engine power.

    The rotor speed of a conventional turbocharger, in operating conditions, varies between 70, - 90, rpm. Sometimes, the peak rotation speed can reachor more revolutions per minute. For example, on simple turbos Garrett in the conditions of test or repair, making the balancing of the core cartridge, more precisely: the rotor of the turbocharger, the speed of rotation of the turbocharger shaft reaches-rpm, and in the turbochargers BorgWarner KP35, KP39 series and Mitsubishi MHI series TD03, TDrpm.

    Usually, the smaller the dimensions of a turbocharger are, the higher the rotational speed of its rotor gets. High rotational speeds of the shaft rotor cause severe friction and heating of the turbocharger parts. To lubricate and cool the turbocharger elements, the engine lubrication system is used. Motor engine oil, entering the turbocharger, covers the shaft with a thin layer of lubricant, thereby lubricating and cooling it.

    This method of lubricating the shaft oil is provided by the use of hydrostatic bearings in turbochargers. The hydrostatic bearing allows the turbocharger rotor to reach high rotational speeds without overheating and friction. The lubrication and cooling system of turbo is directly dependent on the quality of the engine oil used in the engine. Malfunction of turbo is most often associated with a malfunction of the lubrication system due to the use of poor quality oil.

    Most modern vehicles are equipped with a turbocharger, due to a significant increase in the efficiency of the engine. Initially, installed on the output tract turbocharger, in fact slightly reduces engine power, creating a small resistance to waste gases and slightly interfering with its operation. But, the increase in power, after the cycle of the turbo system, significantly exceeds the lost power.

    Motors equipped with a turbocharger are significantly more efficient than conventional engines, since they use fuel more efficiently and allow increasing power without increasing the engine's rotation speed.

    In the use of turbochargers, there are disadvantages, so to speak: side or negative points. For example: almost all turbochargers have their own inertness of operation. From the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed to the effective increase in engine power, a temporary delay, called a "Turbo-Lag", is observed.Decades of superior performance have established BorgWarner as a worldwide leader in modern turbo systems.

    Audi, Ford, Volkswagen and Porsche are just a few of the global manufacturers who count on them to deliver the kind of experience their drivers demand. By recycling what would ordinarily be wasted energy from exhaust gases, these advanced turbo systems enable reduced emissions, without sacrificing power.

    schwitzer turbo parts

    The BorgWarner Turbocharger of today achieves its robust results in similar fashion to those that were being produced over a half-century ago. These forced induction systems pre-compress air being sent to the engine, increasing overall airmass in the combustion chamber and thereby the amount of fuel being burned as well. By burning more fuel and air without adding heft through larger engine components, a more desirable power-to-weight ratio is achieved.

    Although much of the core technology remains the same, BW turbos have evolved rapidly since the debut of the very first Schwitzer model decades earlier:. Recently, BW has driven the industry toward more compact solutions. The roots of the BorgWarner turbo system trace back a century, to and the founding of the Schwitzer Company in Indianapolis. Today, the company continues to market their products under the Schwitzer and 3K names as well as their own brand. Collectively, these systems enhance the capabilities of vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy fleet trucks, from hybrids and electrics to traditional combustion engine models.

    Enjoy considerable savings on authentic products from the brand names you trust the most. Click here for Mobile version. Shop Now. Less Waste, More Performance The BorgWarner Turbocharger of today achieves its robust results in similar fashion to those that were being produced over a half-century ago. Although much of the core technology remains the same, BW turbos have evolved rapidly since the debut of the very first Schwitzer model decades earlier: In the early s, the company launched its heralded K0 and S series systems.

    Init began production of variable turbine geometry VTG turbosystems for passenger vehicles, allowing for more ideal boost threshold while minimizing lag.

    Titanium-built compressor impellers debuted in to meet increased demands of commercial vehicles. A History of Excellence The roots of the BorgWarner turbo system trace back a century, to and the founding of the Schwitzer Company in Indianapolis. Thank You! All rights reserved.

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